Selecting a moving company is one of the big decisions involved with a move. You want a reliable mover to help, but don’t want to get ripped off in the process. Use these five questions to help you find a reputable moving company.

1. Is your company licensed, insured, and bonded?

The moving company should be licensed through the state DOT. If the company provides cross-country moving services, it should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The mover should carry full insurance on its vehicles, its drivers, and on the contents of the truck. Cheap Movers Manhattan – – notes, they should also carry worker’s compensation coverage to protect their workers. Bonding provides protection for customers if the moving company cannot fulfill its contracted service.

2. Can you provide references?

A reputable moving company should have plenty of customers willing to stand as a reference. The mover should be able to provide a reference list on demand. In addition, you should check online reviews to see what others are saying about the company. If the mover cannot supply references, it is a potential red flag. Either the company’s business practices are not that great, or the mover doesn’t care to ask prior clients for them.

When the company provides references, contact each one of them. Ask questions. Did the mover perform the job as described? Was the estimate accurate? Were there any hidden fees? How many people showed up to do the move?

3. What type of liability coverage do you have available?

The federal government requires moving companies to offer at least two types of liability coverage. Basic liability coverage gives you $0.60 per pound, no matter what is being moved. It’s usually included in any estimate you receive from a moving company.

Full value protection is a much better option as it is an extra cost, but well worth it. The movers are liable for any damaged or missing items. You can opt for coverage by value instead of weight. You also have the option of using a third-party insurer for extra coverage.

4. Do you offer binding or non-binding quotes?

Many moving companies will offer you a non-binding estimate. The company bases its estimates off the amount of items you are having moved, the estimated time to complete the move, and how many movers would be required. If any of those variables differ from the estimate, your costs can go up significantly.

The better choice is to go with a company that offers a binding written estimate. The mover will come on-site to provide the estimate. You will need to provide all details such as parking restraints, stairs, obstacles, etc. Make sure to indicate any services you might need such as packing or moving heavy items like a piano or oversize aquarium.

5. What do you consider extra services and how much do they cost?

Moving companies often provide extra services to their customers. It’s important to understand what they offer and how much it is. While having the moving company do the packing for you is handy, it does cost you extra.

Each of these questions will help you determine what moving company to use. Taking the time to properly screen the movers will ensure your move goes without any surprises.

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