Moving cross-country differs from moving across the city or county. There will be no driving to the old neighborhood to get papers or notify someone of the move. Moving to Denver will take careful planning and lots of footwork. Ready? Let’s roll!


Eight Weeks Out

Employ a real estate agent in Denver to locate a house. Put yours up for sale.

Go through the house with a notebook and pen. List everything in the house. Moving company quotes are based on box count and furnishings.

Research moving companies. Locate one that is bonded and insured, and check the scam websites for the company’s veracity. Get a quote.

Six Weeks Out

Book your moving company. Order boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels.

Book a cleaning company for the week you move.

Four Weeks Out

Collect all school records, shot records, medical records, legal and financial records.

You won’t have to worry about tags, insurance, and licenses until you’ve been in Denver 30 days.

You’ll need to notify your attorney, accountant, and credit card companies of the move.

Begin packing. Remember to pack a box for the day of the move. Include personal hygiene products, medications, clothing, and snacks for the drive. This box will go in the car with you.

Three Weeks Out

Moving companies won’t carry items such as flammables, paint cans, and gas cylinders for the grill. Pack them in the car or lose them.

Begin gifting, donating, or otherwise losing unwanted and unused items. Schedule a Salvation Army or Goodwill truck to pick up leftover, unwanted items.

Get the car tuned up, replace the tires, and check the brakes.

If you see that you’ll need a storage unit, then make the arrangements now.

Two Weeks Out

Schedule utility stops at the old address and turning them on at the new address:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Landline telephone
  • Cable/satellite service
  • Sewer and trash services

Empty your safe-deposit box.

Confirm moving day with the moving company.

Get out plenty of cash for gas, food, and emergencies on the way to Denver.

Remember whatever will make your pet comfortable on moving day. He or she’ll be uneasy and frightened at all the hullabaloo.


One Week Out

Change your address online at

Begin to empty the fridge of food that will spoil.

Have the packing finished at least three days before the move.

Moving Day

Clean out the fridge. Take out all trash in the house.

Make sure the “moving day” box is in the car, and that you have pet food and water dishes for your pet. A blanket or bed he or she loves will make them feel better.

Do a last walk around the house after the movers have finished. Close and lock all the doors and windows.

Make sure you get the cell phone numbers of the movers. They will need to know if you’re stopping for potty breaks, food, or any emergencies.

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