Five Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Into A Smaller Home

According to a survey by Trulia, 60% of Americans would rather move from their large homes to small homes. There has been an increase in the preference for smaller spaces in America.

If you are one of those people thinking about moving to a smaller home, you should know the following:

1. You Will Have To Change Your Habits

If you are moving from a large house to a smaller home, you must be prepared to be a minimalist. No more going to the garage or basement to look for an old CD that you have just realized you want to watch again.

Since space will be small, you will move in with a few things, and the number of rooms will be limited. Therefore, be prepared to work with what is there.

2. Know Your Items

You need to know about everything you own before moving into a smaller space to avoid inconveniences. For example, you don’t want a situation whereby you move into a new apartment and find out that the sofa does not fit in the living room or the bed is too big for the bedroom.

Knowing your items also allows you to know which items to sell or give away to your relatives.

3. Make Sure Your New Home Has Sufficient Storage

Since there are some things that you can’t let go, you need to make room for those items in your new home. Before you move in, analyze the storage space of your small apartment and call a handyman to install more cabinets if it is not enough.

For example, you can add more drawers in the kitchen for storing your cereals or install more wall shelves in the living room for books.

4. You Need To Stay Motivated

You may decide to move to a smaller space because you want to try out something different for a change or because you are going through some financial difficulties. Either way, you are human, and you are bound to have second thoughts about the decision at some point.

One strategy that you can use to stay motivated is to start an inspiration file where you can add pictures of well decorated small spaces or positive articles about small homes. The attachments keep you inspired and help you stick to your decision.

5. Consider Renting A Storage Space

It is not a guarantee that you will sell all the excess items from your old house. Therefore, as a last resort, you should consider hiring a storage space to keep all the remaining things. Alternatively, if you are moving into a smaller space due to financial difficulties, you can use the storage as a temporary shelter until things get back on track.


Depending on your reasons for moving into a smaller space, the above points can come in handy. You don’t need to do all the things mentioned, go with whatever you feel is right for you and the rest will follow.